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Quick Fix For Your Social Networking Ideas Is Social Networking Script

Social networking script

World becoming a global village is the outcome of increasing hike of social networking websites. People can connect to anyone, anywhere and at any point in time. To ease this connection between people, there are many social networking websites which are the key role players in connecting people to the world. Businessmen are now choosing ready to use scripts over developing a whole new website.

We at MintTM, have social networking script developed with features that will help you to earn the attention of your prospective users and convert them into your customers in reality. You can even become the ace in the market and influence it by this robust open source social network script. So, now establishing your own social network platform with open source and ready to launch script and take your business idea to a new level.

social networking script

Here are some of the traits justified why social networking script is your quick and easy fix for your social networking software requirements:

Built-up structure of Social networking script:

Powerful technologies have been used to develop these scripts. Technologies used are listed below:

  • PHP
  • MySql
  • Ajax
  • HTML5
  • CSS

The framework is pre-tested for quality assurance that we guarantee about to our users.
It is totally customization friendly so that you can redesign your social networking script by giving a personal touch.

Best revenue model:

Social networking script is embellished with a money-spinner that will keep on generating money in your business through platform and services you provide. This is possible due to the following:

Membership fees:

  • This is the income source when any of the users register to get the benefits of your social network open source.

Prime services:

  • These are the over the normal services that can be provided if any user demands unique and exclusive services apart from the normal ones and the users will pay extra charges of enjoying these services.

Paid advertisements:

  • You can permit other advertisements on your platform. This is again your chance of earning extra means for your business.

It has best features in house for its key role players:

Common Features:

  • Easy Admin contact
  • Google Analytics
  • Paypal Standard Payment Gateway
  • SEO Friendly URLs
  • Complementary Deployment and Installation

Admin Features:

  • Highly Managed Admin Panel
  • Subadmin and User Management
  • Skills, Job, Degree and Industry Management
  • Export Payment details with CSV & XLS
  • Abuse keyword Management

User Features:

  • Login with Facebook and Google plus
  • Easy to Search different entities
  • Advanced Filter and Sorting options
  • Private message board
  • Report User, Job, Company and Group

These are just the upper layer of the cream. There a whole bowl of features that you can have if you are planning to start your own social networking script.

It encompasses various perks that the entrepreneur can enjoy and experience when using our PHP Social Network Script. Highlighting some of them from the list are:

  • Soaring demand
  • Easily can entice users
  • Ready to launch
  • Global platform

All the above-mentioned particulars are just the hand-picked ones, there is a huge pool of each one of them that can uplift your business. It is the actual fact that our social networking script is the quick and easy fix for your social networking website business requirements. Just get in touch with us at to give life to your dreams.

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